eCommerce development services

eCommerce software development services aim to address the contemporary challenges of B2C, B2B, and B2G companies bound to retail operations. Leveraging outstanding IT expertise, MTTN-LTD helps eCommerce players establish a comprehensive shopping experience, automate internal operations, work out business development strategies, and make practical use of digital data.

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eCommerce development and consulting services

eCommerce consulting and optimization

Bringing in our vast experience in eCommerce development, we share our expertise with our clients, offering the following services:

Guidance on eCommerce development strategies

Streamlining internal business workflows

eCommerce ecosystem architecture planning and building

Improving data management strategy to raise KPIs

eCommerce solution audit procedures

Business intelligence consulting

Predictive analytics

SEO optimization

eCommerce software development

MTTN-LTD delivers a broad range of eCommerce solutions and additional services that help businesses operate more effectively.

eCommerce web application development

eCommerce mobile application development

eCommerce platform-based app development

UI/UX design for eCommerce products

eCommerce software integration

eCommerce software migration

eCommerce solution testing

eCommerce software support

eCommerce solutions

MTTN-LTD delivers state-of-the-art eCommerce software to address numerous operational needs, facilitate business workflows, and diversify revenue streams.

Online shopping software

MTTN-LTD develops and implements custom web and mobile online store applications enhanced with top-notch features, including real-time order tracking, product filtering and categorization, automation tools, notifications, etc. We leverage user-friendly solution design, ensuring a shallow learning curve and allowing users to intuitively navigate app functions.

Enterprise marketplaces

Our team builds custom B2C, B2B, and P2P marketplaces that connect stores and buyers. Marketplaces developed by MTTN-LTD are reinforced with robust feature sets for administrators, vendors, and customers. Rich functional scope enables all stakeholders to manage their operations quickly and efficiently. We implement multiple monetization models, such as subscription fee, commission, freemium, etc.

NFT marketplaces

Our company delivers high-grade NFT marketplaces empowered with all needed features to let users mint and trade non-fungible tokens and drive profit. We develop transparent and secure NFT marketplaces with intuitive UI/UX, help our clients integrate NFTs into existing eCommerce solutions and games, and provide support and maintenance services.


We build custom content management systems to help our clients streamline typical workflows of eCommerce solutions (i.e. online web stores), manage user interactions in an effective way, and automate sales and customer support activities. Besides, we implement platform-based CSMs customizing and configuring them to make them meet your business needs.

Inventory management systems

MTTN-LTD creates comprehensive systems for warehouse data management that enable retailers, suppliers, and distributors to efficiently and transparently monitor, allocate, and track their stocks. Our solutions help optimize inventory management through data entry automation and demand forecasting tools. With such systems, businesses can eliminate product shortages, reduce service delivery time, and increase customer satisfaction rates.

Auction and bidding apps

We design systems for online B2B, B2C, and C2C auction activities. We ensure a seamless user experience for both sellers and buyers of eAuctions, as platforms our software engineers develop are enhanced with multiple features, including real-time messenger, video conferencing, and omnichannel payment options. We can create online bidding apps for any auction type, including English, Dutch, Japanese, and reverse.

Trade portals

MTTN-LTD develops custom trade portals to support online economic relationships among market players worldwide. These are online environments for retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, and forwarders, where they can place orders, negotiate, make deals, and conduct asset transactions seamlessly and securely.

Bartering apps

We deliver web and mobile apps for B2C and C2C trading and bartering. Within such online platforms, individuals and businesses can exchange goods and services, whether it is selling unwanted furniture or rendering plumbing services. We ensure high performance, intuitive user interface, and multiple monetization models to facilitate revenue.

POS systems

Our company serves POS system manufacturers developing embedded software. We deliver both cloud-based and on-premises POS software and upgrade already installed POS systems. To help our clients provide their services more flexibly and faster, we also design mPOS applications and software for self-service terminals.

PIM systems

MTTN-LTD creates custom product information management systems for centralized management of large arrays of data on goods and items (marketing & sales information, datasheet, photographs, manufacturer information, etc.). The PIM system allows you to upload product data to other systems: online stores, marketplaces, points of sales, printed catalogs, etc.

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Omnichannel eCommerce

Web apps

Mobile apps


Offline stores


Social media

MTTN-LTD harnesses an omnichannel approach to developing eCommerce solutions to help businesses create a unified online + offline buyer and seller experience. With multiple channels available, the quality of services is improving, the customer base is growing, and profits are steadily increasing.

eCommerce web development services

Our development team creates eCommerce web applications of any scale and complexity, be it a classic web store or a complex eCommerce ecosystem. We assist our clients all the way from product concept development to solution roll-out, sharing our comprehensive technical expertise

Must-have features for eCommerce web store

To ensure the efficiency, allure, and relevance of the web store, it should have multi-functional capabilities to ensure a rich user experience, smooth operation, and robust security. Among the most essential features are:

Easy login

Advanced navigation

Mobile device optimization

Live messaging


Reporting system

Content management system


Social media integration

Omnichannel payment options

Secure payment gateways

Multilevel security


eCommerce mobile development

MTTN-LTD develops top-notch mobile eCommerce solutions adapting the functionality of online stores and leveraging the technical capabilities of modern mobile gadgets to meet the needs of mobile-first buyers. Native and cross-platform mCommerce apps we create are enriched with copious functionality, personalization capabilities, and robust security systems.

Mobile stores

Mobile marketplaces

Mobile bidding apps

Virtual try-on apps

Visual search apps

Price comparison apps

Deal and discount apps

Swapping apps

eCommerce market players we serve

Click-and-mortar retailers



Brick-and-mortar retailers



IT enterprises

Logistic centers

Governmental institutions

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eCommerce platforms

MTTN-LTD can help you implement various eCommerce platforms and tailor them to your business objectives. After needs and requirements analysis, we conduct solution configuration, code customization, and web design. We help our clients optimize the ownership costs and ensure solution scalability. On top of that, our specialists can seamlessly integrate eCommerce solutions with other systems to create advanced software ecosystems.

This is one of the most popular open-source SaaS and PaaS eCommerce platforms. Magento is hosted on AWS and written in PHP. With its wide extension capabilities and price, it’s the best option for medium and large companies.

Commerce Cloud 360 developed by Salesforce Commerce is a SaaS eCommerce platform providing functionality for omnichannel personalized customer experience.

Oracle’s eCommerce platform stands out for flexible deployment, user experience management capabilities, and AI-driven personalization.

Shopify’s main advantage over competitors is no-code configuration. Shopify is a free WordPress plugin, which makes it the best choice for small and medium companies.

PrestaShop is an open-source eCommerce web platform hosted on MySQL and written in Symphony, which is a PHP web app framework. Twig, a template engine, is used for writing templates. PrestaShop has over 310 standard features to quickly create a functional web store.

WooCommerce is a free and open-source eCommerce platform with lots of extensions, plugins, and paid add-ons enhancing functionality. Due to its simplicity and low cost, the platform is one of the most popular in the world among SMBs.

CS-Cart is a platform for creating and managing online stores and marketplaces of all levels of complexity, from small online stores to virtual shopping malls with lots of storefronts and suppliers. Thanks to PHP and Smarty, CS-Cart allows one to easily change and improve the functionality of the online store depending on changing needs.

OpenCart is an open-source eCommerce platform focused on creating online stores with multiple delivery and payment options. The platform is written in PHP, and the MVC design pattern is used in the architecture.

Advanced technologies we leverage

Artificial intelligence

MTTN-LTD reinforces eCommerce solutions with AI-powered features, including chatbots, virtual assistants, customer-centric content search, and assortment intelligence tools.


We help our customers enhance buyer experience with immersive AR/VR/MR technologies and create online shopping tours, 3D item demos, and virtual try-on.


We offer custom eCommerce software for connected devices, wearable biosensors, and beacons that can perform a wide range of operational tasks, including vending machine control, smart price tags management, and personalization.


Our team leverages blockchain technology to help our customers empower fast transactions, facilitate business processes, enhance security, and reduce operational costs.

Big data

By utilizing big data, we open new ways of e-commerce business management to improve the shopping experience, enhance decision-making processes, analyze buyer behavior, and identify fraudsters.

Business intelligence

MTTN-LTD harnesses various BI tools (i.e. OLAP, dashboards, reports) to provide our customers with valuable insights on sales, marketing, and inventory, that can be used to rationally make business decisions and increase profits.


When developing eCommerce software, we opt for all varieties of cloud services of the most popular and reliable providers to deliver secure state-of-the-art solutions.

Computer vision




Media & Entertainment

Construction & Real Estate

Energy & Utilities